The Bookshelf Inventory Project

Back in August I mentioned my goal of sorting and organizing the bookcases in my study. Well, here we are, six months later, and the project is just about complete. And I've discovered I really wasn't exaggerating the numbers. I should've taken "before" pictures but neglected to, but here are the "after"s:

As you can see, the eight shelves are pretty much packed to the gills. And yes, these books are in some semblance of order - alphabetic by author, for the most part, given I'm a bit particular about stacking books by size. I now have a spreadsheet (appropriately entitled 'Bookshelf Inventory 2011') with the titles and authors of all the books on these shelves. I also marked the ones I'd read - and here's where the numbers come in.

Of the 321 books catalogued in this inventory, there are 150 that I haven't read yet.

That's a lot of books.

So, the goal is a book a week, right? Which means it will take me just on the shy side of three years to read them all.


During the five days it took me to complete this project, I did what I said I'd never do - I boxed up a fair number of books that I will be ... oh, it just hurts to say it out loud. Getting rid of. Ouch. Some will go to McKay's. Some will go to the church library. Others will be returned to their rightful owners, from whom I have gratefully borrowed and merely forgotten to give back.

Of the ones remaining, some I've had for several years - some are newer. All are worthy of my time and attention, so I hope you'll bear with me as I go through the shelves and report on them (however briefly). Along the way, I hope you'll chime in with comments on those you've read or those you'd recommend to others.

Happy reading!

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