A Writing Day

I have a lot on my plate today. The to-do list is 9 or 10 items long. But prominently featured on today's list is a goal of writing 1500 words.

Having a day job, I don't get many writing days.

Let me rephrase that. Having a day job and a household to maintain (1 hubby, 3 kids, 4 cats and 2 dogs), I don't get many writing days.

But hubby and our son are off on their annual fishing trip, our oldest is now living in her own apartment, and the youngest spent the night at her best friend's house, so I have 3500 square feet of pure peace and quiet in which to write. As my uber-fabulous critique partner would say: Bliss.

Time to put on the music and ... well, write.

Is today a writing day for you?

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