2016 Book Reports (Issue #2)

The B+ ("liked it a lot") lot. When I was introduced to BookBub I was pretty sure I'd found book lovers' paradise. I could get a bazillion ebooks if I wanted them, for pennies. A bazillion is a lot of books. Most of the treasures I found last year were parts of various and sundry series. Several of these series feature on today's report, the 12 books I awarded my B+ LIKED IT A LOT grade.

I'm a big fan of fantasy, especially if it involves magic. (You do know I'm obsessed with Harry Potter, right?) One of the series I found really intrigued me because of the setting--a fantasy author found himself magically transported into his own story. Havoc ensued. It was pretty cool. The second "half" of the double trilogy by Krista Walsh--the Cadis Trilogy: #1 Bloodlore, #2 Blightlore, and #3 Bladelore--was a little less appealing due to what seemed to me like an overabundance of violence (think, holy crow could there be any more blood?), but I still liked it well enough to give it a good, solid read kind of rating. The central character of the Cadis stories was introduced in the first trilogy (which made the A- list, to be presented in a future report), and I really liked her spunk, determination, and solidly drawn human/sympathetic persona. I applauded Walsh for making Venn the protagonist of three additional stories set in the magical, fictional world of Feldall.

Another of my favorite finds was a set of three books in The Dark Citadel series by Michael Wallace (#1 The Dark Citadel, #2 The Free Kingdoms, and #3 The Golden Griffin). As it turns out, there are more books to this series, and I'm looking forward to downloading those for this year's reading challenge. There's magic, war, good versus evil, and all sorts of interesting and colorful characters, both human and creature, that appeal to my escapist needs.

Two of the books in the B+ category were standalone contemporary romances: A Negotiated Marriage (Noelle Adams) and Wicked Good (Susan Kiernan-Lewis). Very cute, enjoyable reads with unique and entertaining plots. I especially liked A Negotiated Marriage for its sexy fun, push-and-pull romance.

The remaining four books on today's report were each one of a series, with French Twist by Glynis Astie, Honeymoon for One by Lily Zante and 15 Minutes by Jill Cooper each being the first of their respective series, and Romancing Lady Stone by Delilah Marvelle being the sixth in a series of seven. French Twist and Honeymoon for One fall into the cute romance category, 15 Minutes is an interesting time-travel adventure, and Romancing Lady Stone is a historical romance, part of the School of Gallantry series by Marvelle that features ladies and gentlemen in the truest sense, 19th century style.

As you can see my list covers a fair variety of genres, so if you particularly like a specific genre, I can endorse any of the above list as recommended reading for whatever your taste. All are available on Amazon. All are enjoyable reads worth a few hours of cozy happy reading time.

Like I always say, read a book. It's good for you.

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