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Self-Promotion Saturday. Today through Wednesday, my first two ebooks, No Evil Lost and Whisper of Darkness, are part of Amazon's Kindle Countdown Deals--today they are 99 cents each. Prices go up by $1.00 each day until Thursday, when they return to their regular $9.99 price. If I've done this correctly, clicking on the titles below the covers should take you to the site listings.

No Evil Lost

Whisper of Darkness

Bargains. I am all about sales. You must not, however, confuse this concept with being all about shopping. I despise shopping. Loathe it. Cannot think of words strong enough to describe how I feel about "shopping". Unless, of course, you turn me loose in either a) a bookstore; or b) Hobby Lobby. This is where I start giggling like a fiend and rub my hands together in glee.

So, shopping. When we're talking about shopping online, for books? Oh, yeah, baby. Now I'm good. Last Christmas I bought books for everyone on our gift list. Boy, was that fun. I just might have to do that again, as a matter of fact (spoiler alert for you family members out there). But I digress. Thanks to my lovely faux-twin I have discovered a place called BookBub, a veritable treasure trove of bestselling books at bargain basement prices.

I am certainly not into cheating fellow authors out of hard-earned royalties. What's great about this site is that you can find new-to-you authors, and by finding, purchasing (at a discount) and enjoying a book of theirs, be led to purchase more. I've found new series and authors I've not read previously that I've enjoyed so much they're going on my TBP list. I've also found a couple of standalones that are well worth whatever price you'd be willing to pay.

One of those charming little finds was a great little rom-com called I Love the 80s by Megan Crane. Absolutely adorable, and for anyone (like me) who was a teenager in the 1980s, the story will bring back oh so many memories. As of the date of this post it's free on Amazon so do check it out.

The never-ending to-do list. My mother-in-law came by the other day and I showed her the legal pad on which I jot my to-do list. Her horrified reaction was priceless: "You're planning to get all that done today?" No. I explained that my goals are set for four- to five-day stretches, from Thursday to Monday generally, because those are my weekdays off from the day job. I've been better about getting organized and accomplishing tasks lately, and am proud to say I'm making progress on more than one project. I've said for years that I'm not nearly as good at multitasking as I was when I worked full-time, but now that my life is so much simpler and so much less stressful I've finally accepted that I don't have to do six things all at once any more. Now I can do six things a little bit at a time and alternate between them.

With this particular task marked off the list, I shall bid you all adieu for today with my usual admonition: Read a book--it's good for you!

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