Seriously Serious Self-Challenges

For some reason, the thought that today is the first of June has niggled its way into my brain, taken root, and will not leave. It's bouncing around in there, wreaking havoc, causing all kinds of mayhem, interrupting the flow and function of my cerebral cortex, scaring the tour guides, and worst of all, eliciting delusions of grandeur and trying to make me ... well, think like a writer.

So, I'm giving in to it, and I'm challenging myself to several things this month.

Challenge #1: A writer's duel. (Yes, I'm rereading Harry Potter again, but that's not the point.)

One blog post per day for the entire month of June. Doesn't sound like much of a challenge? How about adding this twist? Each day's topic will start with a different letter of the alphabet (in order, of course, because I'm a little OCD like that).

And let's make it extra fun--and this is where you, my readers, fans and friends, come in--I'll only choose the day's topic if someone else doesn't do it for me first. Works like this: I'll post the day's letter on my Facebook and Twitter pages, and will write a 200- to 300-word post on whatever topic the first person to chime in chooses for that letter.

Yes, this is crazy. Utterly and completely. But I am in serious need of this kick in the pants, to get myself back to the point at which I found myself about five years ago, when I was writing A LOT and becoming a better writer for it. I miss that chick.

The level of difficulty for me with this challenge increases tenfold when you take into account that I'm not a writer full-time. Well, yes, I actually am a writer full-time, if semantics are your thing, but I do have a part-time day job, and I have two extra Mondays on my schedule this month. So the true challenge will be to make sure I write something every day. My goal is to post the day's letter in the morning, and write the post in the evening.

Anyone out there brave/crazy enough to do this with me?

Challenge #2: Read more. I did hook in to the "Reading Challenge 2014" over at Goodreads. I'm not going to cheat completely by rereading the entre Harry Potter series again--that's something I do at least once a year, anyway--but I'm finding books on my overflowing bookshelves that I actually haven't read yet, so I'm trying to put those into the mix. I think my challenge of 36 is reasonable; that's 3 books a month. I can swing that, surely. Maybe in 2015 I'll increase it to 4 a month. Whoa, there, Nellie, don't get ahead of yourself. Three a month. Doable. I'm only 3 books behind, and it's only the first of June. Yikes! There it is again!

Challenge #3: Publish two more ebooks. With the recent release of Whisper of Darkness, I'm halfway through the stack of pre-written manuscripts that need(ed) to be polished and published. I'm working on about-to-be Book #3 as we speak. More on that later.

That ought to be enough to be getting on with, don't you think? So, be sure to stop by either Facebook or Twitter tomorrow, challenge me to an "A" topic, and we'll see what my havoc-wreaked, niggle-infested brain comes up with. Until then ...

Read a book. It's good for you.

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