JB's June Writing Challenge: W is for ... Weddings

I decided to go with the "wedding" suggestion (as opposed to the "waterslide") because as many of you may know, The Boy (our 23-year-old son) is getting married in October.

The WGH and I have had to do very little in preparation for this wedding. The Boy and his fiancée have been planning and prepping since he proposed last May. Note I said LAST May. Our future daughter-in-law had one more semester of nursing school to get through, so they spent last summer getting as much done as they possibly could so that she wouldn't have to worry about so many details while she was knocking out the last requirements for her degree.

Someone asked me today what color my dress was going to be. Stifling a laugh, I said I would be thinking about that somewhere around Labor Day. This will give me time to research all the "mother-of-the-groom" things I'll need to know come October. And who knows what dress size I'll be by then? Only the Lord, I can tell you, because we're having precious little success with the whole we-need-to-lose-weight-before-the-wedding project the WGH and I have going on.

So talking of weddings, I think back to ours, and though I won't bore you with the gory details, I will summarize briefly the differences between the two ceremonies, and my reflections on how things have changed in 25 years.

Our wedding party consisted of four attendants per side; The Boy and Lovey will have three. Our anniversary is January 7th; theirs will be October 11th. It rained most of the day at ours, and it was cold--have you been to Indiana in the wintertime? We got married inside (in the WGH's parents' church); The Boy's wedding will be outdoors, at peak fall color season (we hope), in the beautiful countryside of Tennessee. I love going to outdoor weddings (a childhood friend of mine was married outdoors), but I'm not so sure I'd be up to planning one. Too many variables. And I know, I'm supposed to be helping to plan this one, but apparently things have changed about the way things are done now, as The Boy and Lovey have been planning and doing and paying for pretty much everything since the planning began. I just might be off the hook for a lot of it. They know I'll do anything they need, and all they have to do is ask, but so far, I haven't been asked a single thing.

Somehow, I think everything is going to be perfect, with or without my input.

I'm off to bed early again, as this week at the day job has been unbelievably crazy and I'm very much looking forward to my day off tomorrow. Lots to do, but no specific time constraints. As my sister says, "Bliss!"

The toughest topic letter of all tomorrow--"X" marks the spot--but I'm looking forward to the challenge. Until then, read a book!

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