JB's June Writing Challenge: V is for ... Variety

Today has been nothing short of insane. But it has had one very bright spot, in that my request for "V" topic suggestions garnered the biggest response of all to date. I'm choosing to call this one variety because of the long list of varied topic suggestions, all of which I shall list and comment upon herewith.

Following is the list of topics, and my observations/comments:
  • Victorian era. If I knew anything at all about this fascinating period in time, I would've used this topic in a heartbeat. But I don't. Sigh. Note to self: Add "Victorian era" to learning list.
  • Valentine's Day. Um, yes. One of my favorite holidays. But it's June. I can't do Valentine's Day in June.
  • Valley girls. Wasn't there a movie ...? I was a teenager in the '80s, but I could never be called one of these. My leg warmers weren't, like, wild enough.
  • Frankie Valley. Dude. Great singer. "Big Girls Don't Cry"? Classic. That is all.
  • Varsity sports. Love. Them. All.
  • Varsity Drive-In (Atlanta, GA). Apparently I've missed something. Next time I go to Hotlanta, Toni, I'll be sure to check it out.
  • Volleyball. Love that too!! The Tall One played in high school, was Rookie of the Year (sophomore year), Most Dominant Player (junior year), and MVP (senior year). I still have the t-shirt ("Volleyball Mom").
  • Vittles. Yum. Doesn't matter what it is. Just, yum.
  • Vistas. I've seen a few lovely ones in my travels over the years. Took pictures.
  • Vitamins. Everyone should take one every day.
  • Vegetables. Five servings a day. Mandatory. Like reading a book, it's good for you.
  • Vegas! My brother thought we should take Mother & Dad there for their 50th anniversary. I have no desire whatsoever to go, by the way. Yeah, I know. I'm just weird like that.
  • Vanderbilt University. Now, I could say a few words on this subject, but I'll keep it simple. Very excited to be watching Vandy's baseball team playing in the College World Series (as we speak). Yay! But their medical school rejected my son. Boo.
  • Volunteer. Two meanings come to mind: One who offers to do something without expectation of payment, and anyone from the State of Tennessee. I could have said from the University thereof, but I'm just not a fan.
  • Veteran. Yes, now there's another topic I could go on and on (and on) about. Hello, daughter of one here. One who firmly believes that if you meet one, you should thank him (or her) for his service. Always.
  • Vacation. I might need one of these soon, especially after my coworkers at the day job get back from theirs, which are causing me to work extra Mondays for five out of eight weeks this summer. Hence the last item (topic) on the list ...
  • Vodka. I posted this picture on Facebook when I got home from work today (an hour later than I would have done, normally). It was quite the day today, and I decided I needed a little spirit relaxant to wind myself down. It was lovely, thank you. (And no, it's not really vodka, but it's a pretty darn good substitute, in case you were wondering.)
Now that the list of (16) topic selections has been enumerated, I am ready to call it a night ... read a little Harry Potter, watch a little baseball, and get to bed early.

Until tomorrow's "W" post. You know what to do.

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