JB's June Writing Challenge: S is for ... Sweetheart

Another Facebook friend suggested the topic for tonight ... which could very well have been a number of other things, like: storms (which knocked out our electricity for a good 3 hours while the CEMC crew repaired a pole on the main road by our subdivision); sabbatical (which I felt like taking because of the power outage); Saturday (which would have been way too easy); Sonic (where the WGH and I went for dinner because of the power outage); and Seuss (which is a very long story).

But the suggestion sparked something that I thought would be nice to share with you.

A hundred years ago, when the WGH and I were still in college and had just started getting serious, I went to the local mall to buy him a gift for Valentine's Day, and I found a plaque with a poem entitled Sweetheart. That plaque is still hanging on the wall in our bedroom, nearly 30 years later.

I thought that you would like to know
That someone's thoughts go where you go,
That someone never can forget
The hours we spent since first we met,
That life is richer, sweeter far,
For such a sweetheart as you are.
And now my constant prayer will be
That God may keep you safe for me.

My ears are ringing with the collective, "Awwww!" I hear from all of you.

Sweet, sappy, sentimental. Yep. And note that all of those adjectives start with "S".

My Saturday turned into quite a lazy, nonproductive day, and now we're tucking in, watching Vanderbilt try to advance to the finals of the College World Series (go Vandy!). Sports. There's another "S" topic ...

Here's hoping the rest of your weekend brings all you hope for. Until tomorrow and the "T" topic, I bid you good night. Read a book. It's good for you.

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