JB's June Writing Challenge: Q is for ... Quotidian

Quotidian is not really what this post is about, but it's a fitting title because of its meaning:

quo·tid·i·an [kwoh-tid-ee-uhn] adj. 1. daily; 2. usual or customary; everyday; 3. ordinary; commonplace.*

No, the real reason I selected this word is that at first I thought I would be hard pressed to come up with words/topics that started with the letter Q, but the more I thought, the more words I came up with--common, everyday, ordinary (i.e., quotidian) words, all of which I probably could have written about, were I not fixated particularly on this one at the moment.

Like these:
  • quiet
  • question
  • quirk
  • quiz
  • quote
  • queen
  • quadriplegic (suggested as a topic by my ever-thinking friend Steph)
  • quick
  • quilt
  • quarrel
  • quintessential
Yeah, okay, maybe that last one isn't so ordinary, but since it's in my official author bio I thought I should probably include it. Quite.

We can probably think of several more. (Feel free to do so, in the Comments.)

What makes this so much fun is that this is what my challenge was all about in the first place. Writing. Coming up with words. Posting to Facebook and Twitter asking for topic suggestions. Thinking of something to say and saying it. Every day. I have penned quotidian blog posts for the past 19 days, and I'm quite proud of myself for it. Quite. Again.

Of note, as I'm currently rereading the Harry Potter series and am in Year 4 (Goblet of Fire), I have to add this funny little tidbit. In the first few chapters of the book the story centers on the Quidditch World Cup. (Tonight's post certainly could have been about Quidditch, but would you non-Potterheads have read it in its entirety? Probably not.) Also, I've been catching a bit of the real World Cup (soccer, or football for those of you outside the U.S.). I can't help but wonder, though, why those players aren't on broomsticks ...

Until tomorrow--Friday!!--when our topic should start with "R", and we'll see what other rudimentary words I can pull from my overwrought writer's brain, read a book. Or watch a little football. And enjoy.

*[Origin: 1300–1350; Latin quotīdiānus, cottīdiānus (daily), equivalent to cottīdi (every day), adv.], from Dictionary.com Unabridged, Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2014.

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