JB's June Writing Challenge: O is for ... Organization

Big thanks to my lovely newest writerly friend Blake, who suggested today's topic (she actually said 'organization skills', but I figure the organization part alone is sufficient).

I'm perched on the bed at the moment, watching the end of the Reds game with the WGH, who would laugh himself stupid if he knew I claimed this publicly, but I do have excellent organizational skills. I don't utilize them nearly as much at home as I do at the day job, or even a fraction as much as I did when I worked full-time. I would never in a million years have been able to do my full-time job if I hadn't had at least a little on the ball in the efficiency department. I was an administrative assistant for a large specialty physicians' practice in Nashville, and most days basically did the work of three people. I was the one everyone called when they needed something done, not to toot my own horn (okay, maybe a little).

I do not wear that badge of honor now. Well, yes, if someone asks me to do something now, it will get done. But now, I'm not asked to do as much as I used to be, and my assigned tasks now are much less complicated, much less demanding, and much less stressful. My current day job is no less important, but it's definitely much less tiring and much more enjoyable. And I do have to utilize my organizational skills--the nature of my position is such that a certain set of tasks must be accomplished every day. If I weren't organized, I'd be in a world of trouble.

It also helps to be organized as a writer. I'm still working on those particular skills.

So what about you? How do your organizational skills hold up to those of your peers? What's your secret?

Off to read a bit before bed ... tomorrow's topic shall begin with "P", if we can come up with something. In the meantime, read a book!

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