JB's June Writing Challenge: N is for ... Nincompoops

Once again my darling sister has offered up a topic that holds both hilarity and potential insight in the palm of its hand.

One of my favorite memories associated with this word is a Bugs Bunny cartoon: I can't remember (or find on YouTube) which one, but there's a segment where Bugs is making fun of whatever adversary happens to be sharing the stage with him, and he says something to the effect of "What a nincom--" (and here he gets hit over the head) "--poop!" and the last syllable is about two octaves higher and there are, of course, resultant stars spinning about his noggin. Funny as heck.

These days, the term is used most often in jest, meant to be lighthearted, silly, even affectionate. The "official" definition of this superficially comical word is not so comical, however: "a fool or simpleton; a stupid person; idiot."

I consider myself fortunate and blessed that I am educated. I don't think I could get through life not knowing what I know. Our first reaction to this might be, but the people who don't know everything we do don't know that they don't know. But I think we sometimes take it for granted, the little things. Have you ever met someone, for instance, and I'm talking about an adult, who didn't know how to do laundry? Or how to find a phone number (without the Internet)? Or read? I know people who fit into all these categories, and it makes my heart hurt. It makes me want to do whatever I can to help them. I know I can't help everybody. But I can help one person. And if helping that one person makes a difference, then it will be worth the effort, to share the knowledge that I am blessed with but might take for granted.

Can you do that? Will you?

Tomorrow's topic will begin with "O". Until then, read a book ... to someone else, maybe.

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