JB's June Writing Challenge: J is for ... JIGGY?!?!?

When my friend Stephanie suggested I use "jiggy" for today's topic, I thought she had lost her mind. But the more I thought about it, the more the idea started to appeal to me. The whole point of a "writing challenge" is to make it challenging, right? I think using "jiggy" as a topic definitely qualifies in that respect. Intellectual and creative? Yes, I can be both of those things.

You might find it surprising (I did) that according to my favorite online definition resource, the word jiggy has actually been around since the early 1930s:

jig·gy [jig-ee] adj., jig·gi·er, jig·gi·est. Slang. 1. nervous; active; excitedly energetic. 2. wonderful and exciting, especially because stylish.
Origin: 1930–35, Americanism; origin uncertain.

I typed jiggy into my Google search bar and was awarded with 1.5 million results. Who'da thunkit? Among these are Google's own definition:

jig·gy /'jigÄ“/ adj. US informal 1. uninhibited, especially in a sexual manner. 2. trembling or nervous, especially as the result of drug withdrawal.

There's also:I am flabbergasted. And in reference to my post of 4th June about curiosity, I've learned something new today!

Guess that means I can go to bed now.

The WGH is undergoing wisdom tooth extraction tomorrow, so there's no telling what time you might see me. Think of a really good "K" topic, and share it with me on Facebook or Twitter (or in the comments here). In the meantime, read a book!

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