Big Announcement #2

Coming up for air to let everyone know that my second ebook, Whisper of Darkness, is now available exclusively at Amazon. Here's the cover, as well as the link. My sweet and fabulous cover artist did another bang-up job, don't you think?

Buy Whisper of Darkness at Amazon

As if that weren't enough, here's an extra special deal: All day today, May 10th, you can go to Amazon and get a copy of No Evil Lost, absolutely FREE. Really. Free. It's a special promotion in honor of the release of Whisper of Darkness, in the hopes that if you like the first one, you'll give the second one a try. So please do.

Get No Evil Lost

(Note that this link will still take you to the Amazon page, but after tomorrow, it won't be free.)

Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoy.

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