Houston, we have a problem ...

Years ago, my lovely friend and fellow writer Susan McBride (have you read any of Susan's books yet? why not?) wrote a post about how she wasn't the only Susan McBride on the block. She'll have to refresh my memory about whether she was the only one who was a writer.

Well, I have discovered - you guessed it - that I am not the only Jennifer Brooks. In addition, I am not the only Jennifer Brooks who writes.

Yes, you can say "duh" at this point. But I'm not an idiot, I promise. I know that pen-names are not always unique, and I didn't expect mine (as both "Jennifer" and "Brooks" are very common names) to be, either. I don't mind a bit, as long as my fans know which is which.

And therein lies the problem.

I have discovered that there are not one, but TWO, writers named Jennifer Brooks, in addition to myself, who are now published authors. At least, I'm taking for granted the fact that the one who writes motivational non-fiction is not the same one who writes gay romance. Obviously - I hope it's obvious! - I am neither one of those. But I discovered today that a website called AllRomance.com, which specifically caters to romance consumers and has a veritable plethora of novels in all forms (and I do mean ALL forms, OMG!) available, has the Jennifer Brooks who writes gay romance listed with MY email address and the URL of this blog.


A friendly note to anyone who might be looking for Jennifer Brooks, the writer of gay romance: I AM NOT SHE. (Repeat after me: These are not the droids you're looking for.)

I have sent a nice email to the Powers That Be at the site to ask them to please delist my info from the other Jennifer Brooks' titles. My real concern is how they got the info in the first place, but I'm sure it was a simple matter of a search gone horribly awry. You think?

In the meantime, it is an absolutely gorgeous mid-50s, mid-September morning here in the mid-state, and I am sitting at the kitchen table with my cup of coffee and glass of apple cider and an open window overlooking the back yard and the dogs and the birds and the sunshine and thinking there is a whole list of things I should probably try to accomplish today.

#1) Blog. - Check.

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