(Cracked) Reflections on A Year in the Life

It's either apologies or homage I must pay to my good friend Robin, who writes a blog called Cracked Reflections on a(n) (ab)Normal Life. I'm stealing her theme here for just a moment ...

Year in Review. I write an annual "update letter" to send out with our Christmas cards. This year I started it with the following disclaimer: 'Every year when I do this Christmas letter, I think how much easier it would be if I jotted down a few notes throughout the year about what's been going on with our family. Every year I forget to do that, and I find myself at the beginning of December thinking, I need to do the Christmas letter – what's been going on with our family this year? I know what most of you are thinking; the memory's the first thing to go with age ...'

I could say exactly the same thing about my writing that I said about the family. I know what most of you are thinking; the memory's the first ... wait, um ... never mind.

I wanted to do this post to recap the goings-on in my writing life over the last year, but it occurs to me as I sit here that not enough of consequence has happened over the last year to make it worth expounding (*sigh*). The one and only very exciting thing that I can tell you about is that I had the marvelous opportunity to do a copyedit on my sweet sister-from-another-mister J.T. Ellison's latest tricornered novella, her second collaboration with Alex Kava and Erica Spindler, appropriately entitled Storm Season (published by the terrific Deb Carlin). They even let me write the cover copy! If you're interested, you can purchase the novella for Kindle at Amazon: click here. At least read the description. =)

Books, books and more books. I didn't quite reach my goal of reading 50 books in 2012. Actually, I didn't quite get anywhere close to that. I did finish the first two Fifty Shades - one of my coworkers still has #3; I am patiently awaiting my turn. I also reread the Harry Potter series (my annual thing). I've listed a few of the books I read this past year here at the B-on-B library, although scrolling back through those meager few posts to list them would take more time than any of us have. One of my this-year's "resolutions" is to keep better track of the books I read. I did this once a few years back - with an actual pen and paper (*gasp*), and it seemed to work well. I still have those lists somewhere in the pit of despair that used to be my study. (Side note: It's not that I've despaired of ever working in my study again - with the house in a state of moderate renovation there's a lot more in my study than actually belongs there. It's a bit frightening, really. Another of my resolutions is to find the place again and bring it back to some semblance of normalcy - i.e. a state more conducive to writing.) With as many books as are still on my TBR pile, I shouldn't have any trouble finding something to read. On the nightstand at the moment, retrieved, finally, from the vast pile of books on the shelves, is Dragonfly in Amber, second in Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series. Delightful.

Best laid plans. It is my sincere hope that this year will prove more productive for me in the writing department. I've been doing a lot more editing lately, and it's keeping me busy enough. JT says I could hang out my shingle and make a business of editing. (For the record, I'm game.) It would be nice, though, to have more to offer my limited-but-ever-growing number of fans something new. We'll see what God has in store for me, and we'll keep on keepin' on in the meantime.

Ringing in the new. We're kicking back today, watching football and nibbling, as is our custom on New Year's Day. Things are quiet at our house, save for the occasional cheer or groan at some spectacular (or spectacularly bad) play. I hope you're enjoying the start to your new year, and that you find 2013 filled with blessings and good things.

Read a book. It's good for you.

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