A Call to Arms

Up with the chickens. It's 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning and I'm awake. Awake enough to be thinking. Of course, once my brain wakes up it's hard to shut it off, anyway.

This always happens. I work the day job three days a week, and on those mornings I sometimes have to drag myself out of bed just to get to work on time. But on the mornings I get to sleep in, what does my brain do? Wakes up early, of course! Why is that?

I know why it happened this morning. Wednesday night was "group" night - I've said before I have the most amazing critique group. EVER. And the most amazing critique partner a writer could ask for. (I'm so blessed.) - and I got jump-started. Seriously jump-started. JT introduced me to Scrivener, and I am in love. Love, love, love. This is a fabulous tool for writers and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get organized in a hurry. I've already spent several hours working with it; I'm officially addicted.

We also put together a game plan for my writing career. I've been slogging around the study trying to make a go of things for too long; it's time to take some serious action - to stop trying and start doing.

So I'm up early on a Saturday morning, doing just that. It's snowed a bit here in Middle Tennessee - oops, just looked out the window, change that to snowing - and I'm tucked in and ready to get down to business.

Help wanted. To wit, I need beta readers. If you're interested, please click here to send me an email - tell me a little about yourself and why you'd like to read for me. I'll take the first 10 responders and we'll go from there. In advance, I thank you.

And now, Harry and I are settling down to work. Enjoy your Saturday, whatever you're doing. And read a book - it's good for you!

Music of the moment: Soundtrack, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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  1. Hi Jennifer:
    I'd be really interested in being a beta reader for you. I love JT and have read her for years. I love most all books, but mysteries are my chocolate!! I tried to click the email button, but I don't have my computer email set up because I have a yahoo.email address. I'm at joanie830@yahoo.com if you'd like to reach me or have any questions.