Time Out

It's been a long week.

A long week.

I've decided that time is relative. Isn't it funny how we say "It's been a long day" or "It's been a long week" when the day or the week we've just lived wasn't any longer than the one before? There are the same number of hours in a day, the same number of days in a week. But when you've had a week like I've had, you know what I'm talking about when I say it's been a long week.

Everything's okay now. It's Saturday. It's an absolutely gorgeous Saturday here in the Mid-South. At my house it's 57 sunny degrees, and I'm staring out my kitchen windows at blue sky and green leaves, dogs in the yard and hummingbirds on the feeder. I'm sitting here listening to my iTunes playlist with my query letter and my agent list up and ready to work on, as well as a printed copy of the next manuscript in its very roughest condition on the table next to me, ready to start polishing. The house is quiet. Life is good.

It's also the first of October. The first of a month that's going to be incredibly busy for me - in my "real" life, that is. Not sure yet what's going to happen in the other half of my life, that half that involves the queries and the agent search and the writing and editing and submitting and everything else that goes along with it. I do have a plan, which is to spend as much time as possible on this side whenever and wherever I can.

Do wish me luck, won't you?

Music of the moment: My iTunes ("Mom's Playlist") is running in alphabetical order by song title. Crocodile Rock (Elton John) just ended. Now playing is Crucified with Christ by Phillips Craig & Dean. Yeah, it's an eclectic mix.

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