Girls' Day Out

My youngest and I are going up to the lake to spend the day with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law - 'just us girls,' while the boys are on their annual fishing trip.

I'm taking three books with me - finally got Breaking Dawn back; also have a book called Babydoll (a Saylor Oz mystery by Allyson Roy) and Karen Kingsbury's Take Four that we're reading for our church book club. Not that I expect to get all three read today, of course. But I do expect to make a huge dent ... er, let's say move the bookmark back a lot of pages.

Our day is all about relaxing and enjoying the quiet of our surroundings and doing practically nothing. Last year it was just my MIL and I, so we'll have to see how adding 2 more to the mix affects the dynamic. I have a feeling there will be card games in our future too.

Enjoy your day today - if you're in the South like me, it's darn hot, so keep cool. We're apparently going to be spending the day in the camper with the AC on. I'm okay with that. ;)

And read a book!


  1. I'm in the south and it is hot here too! I also spent the day writing and reading. Wonderful!

  2. Is there anything better, Terri? Thanks for stopping by!