JB's June Writing Challenge: Z is for ... Zen

Remember the whole "you learn something new every day" thing? I've heard the word Zen bandied about multiple times over my adult years, and I had a general idea of what it meant, but I never knew exactly what it was until today. The benefits of research.


JB's June Writing Challenge: Y is for ... Yankee

My bio says I'm a "bona fide Yankee transplanted to the South." In truth, I'm a bona fide Air Force brat who spent most of her youth in the North after Dad retired.

Years ago my old publisher invited its authors to contribute to a compilation of stories about our mothers (I think it was a Mother's Day tribute or something), so I wrote a piece about my Mom, the military wife, who organized and orchestrated 13 moves from the time I was born until I was about 9 years old.


JB's June Writing Challenge: X is for ... Xanax

There's a funny story behind the topic of tonight's post, but I'm not sure you'd get it if you don't work in health care. Suffice to say that after the week we had at the day job, all of us were seriously considering asking the nurse practitioners for a prescription.


JB's June Writing Challenge: X is ... waiting for tomorrow!

Sorry, folks - I have failed, and failed miserably, today. Due to some serious technical difficulties, I am just now at a point where I could sit down at my computer and come up with something intelligent to say about some topic that starts with "X", but it's 10:15 and I've already turned into a pumpkin.

So the "X" post is going to have to wait until tomorrow.

That having been said, I'm still on target for finishing the June Writing Challenge in ... well, June. So until tomorrow, when I might have a coherent thought in my head again, read a book.


JB's June Writing Challenge: W is for ... Weddings

I decided to go with the "wedding" suggestion (as opposed to the "waterslide") because as many of you may know, The Boy (our 23-year-old son) is getting married in October.

The WGH and I have had to do very little in preparation for this wedding. The Boy and his fiancée have been planning and prepping since he proposed last May.